2021 Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2021 Immunisation Coalition's Annual Scientific Meeting was held virtually, focusing on COVID-19 as well as updates on influenza and pneumococcal disease

Immunisation Coalition

The 2021 ASM was held virtually and continued with the tradition of a Sunday evening session and Monday sessions.

While historically the ASM has been dedicated to influenza, a significant portion of this year’s meeting was dedicated to COVID-19. Topics include the emergence and evolution of SARS-CoV-2, healthcare worker infections and immunity to COVID-19, and looked at responses around the world, including the Australian response. There were also updates on influenza and pneumococcal disease.

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Recordings and PDFs for presentations from this event are available for viewing below. PDFs of some presentations are also available.

Session 1 (Sunday): Initial emergence and spread of COVID

Presenter: Professor Benjamin Cowling

Session 1 (Sunday): Responses from around the world

Presenter: Mary-Louise McLaws

Session 1 (Sunday): Australian Response

Presenter: Allen Cheng

Session 1 (Sunday): Question & Answer Panel

Session 2 (Sunday): COVID vaccine overview

Presenter: Paul Griffin

Session 2 (Sunday): Treatment overview

Presenter: Steve Tong

Session 2 (Sunday): Question & Answer

Session 3 (Monday): The role digital technology played in the COVID-19 pandemic

Presenter: Rhema Vaithianathan

Session 3 (Monday): Modelling to support decision making in uncertain times

Presenter: Jodie McVernon

Session 3 (Monday): Defining risk groups

Presenter: Kirsty Short

Session 3 (Monday): Question & Answer

Session 4 (Monday): Aged care – the weakest link?

Presenter: Michael Murray

Session 4 (Monday): Immunity to COVID-19

Presenter: Katherine Kedzierska

Session 4 (Monday): COVID-19 in children – curiouser and curiouser

Presenter: David Burgner

Session 4 (Monday): Question & Answer

Session 5 (Monday): Challenges facing distribution of COVID vaccines

Presenter: Paul Effler

Session 5 (Monday): Healthcare worker infections

Presenter: Lou Irving

Session 5 (Monday): Diagnostic tests

Presenter: Deborah Williamson

Session 5 (Monday): Question & Answer

Session 6 (Monday): Differences in COVID & influenza

Presenter: Bill Rawlinson

Session 6 (Monday): Flu epidemiology

Presenter: Ian Barr

Session 6 (Monday): New vaccines – Cell based vs egg based

Presenter: Gary Grohmann

Session 6 (Monday): Pneumococcal disease – Changes to NIP, COVID-19

Presenter: Tony Korman

Session 6 (Monday): Question & Answer

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