Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights the events and activities of the Immunisation Coalition over the year.

The history of the Immunisation Coalition goes back to 1990, when a group of like minded individuals created the Influenza Specialist Group (ISG), a committee of virologists and ID physicians who set out to raise awareness of the potential seriousness of influenza. The committee became more active over time, culminating in its incorporation as a not for profit entity in 2006, and 10 years later changing its name to the Immunisation Coalition (IC).

Despite having been in existence for almost 35 years, very little had been formally documented about the activities and achievements of either the ISG or IC. So in February 2022, the first official Annual Report was published, providing a window into the activities during the 2021 calendar year. In February 2023, the 2nd official IC Annual Report was published. Both are available to readers on this website.



The 2022 Annual Report, published on 1st February 2023, provides readers with information about the Immunisation Coalition and its activities during the past year.

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Cover page of 2021 IC Annual Report


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