About Us

We are the leading voice in whole-of-life immunisation in Australia.

Immunisation Coalition

Who We Are

The Immunisation Coalition is an independent not for profit organisation, incorporated in 2006 as a company limited by guarantee (originally as the Influenza Specialist Group).

We are the leading voice in whole-of-life immunisation in Australia, protecting all Australians against communicable diseases.

We collaborate with like-minded organisations such as Primary Health Networks (PHNs), Public Health Units, Government health departments and other groups that fight vaccine hesitancy.

We are a champion for immunisation education, providing timely, accurate and scientifically informed information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

What We Do

We create awareness and provide evidence-based information.

We provide educational resources. All our materials are provided free of intellectual property:  see Tools for Health Care Professionals on this website.

We hold scientific meetings and educational forums on Influenza and adult vaccination.

Our Vision

The Immunisation Coalition will improve the protection of all Australians against infectious diseases through advocacy for immunisation.

Our Mission

To create public awareness regarding the importance of immunisation by providing educational materials and communication programs.

To co-operate with key Australian professional bodies, consumer advocacy groups and the Australian, State and Territory Governments in their educational activities focused on immunisation to bring information to Australian healthcare professionals and the public.

To work with consumers, health professionals and organisations with an interest in immunisation, ensuring that the information provided to consumers through our website and other communication channels is current, easily understood and scientifically informed.

Governance of the Immunisation Coalition

Through its Board of Directors, the Immunisation Coalition is able to ensure full control over its activities and published materials. Sub committees have also been established to provide additional support. The governance of the Immunisation Coalition begins with its Board of Directors, and Dr Rodney Pearce AM as Chairman.

Immunisation Coalition Board

Dr. Rod Pearce AM
Dr. Rod Pearce AM
MBBS, FAMA, Immunisation Coalition Chairman
Prof Robert Booy
Prof Robert Booy
Jon Griffin
Jon Griffin
Dr. Paul Griffin
Dr. Paul Griffin
MBBS, B.Sc. (Hons)
Dr. Gary Grohmann
Dr. Gary Grohmann
B.Sc. (Hons), PhD, FASM
Dr. Leanne Jones
Dr. Leanne Jones
Dr. Ginni Mansberg
Dr. Ginni Mansberg
Mary-Louise McLaws
Mary-Louise McLaws
Dr. Marita Walmsley
Dr. Marita Walmsley
BSc (Hons), PhD, MBA


Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee provides expert advice to the Board and where appropriate, reviews research in areas of scientific interest to the Immunisation Coalition.

Scientific Advisory Committee Members:

  • Prof Robert Booy (Chair)
  • Prof Lou Irving (Deputy chair)
  • Prof Allan Cripps
  • Dr Peter Eizenberg
  • Dr Paul Griffin
  • A/Prof Lance Jennings
  • A/Prof John Litt AO
  • Dr Deborah Mills
  • Dr Rodney Pearce
  • Dr Kirsty Short
  • Prof Paul Van Buynder
  • A/Prof Michael Woodward

Our Management

Immunisation Coalition CEO Kim Sampson

The management of the Immunisation Coalition is undertaken by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kim Sampson, who is also the Immunisation Coalition’s Company Secretary.

He has more than 30 years experience as a finance & administration manager in medical and scientific research, public and private health, and community services. Kim joined the organisation in the inaugural role in August 2008.

Kim is also the Executive Director of APACI (Asia-Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza), and is the President of the Australia-Vietnam Friendship Society.


The Immunisation Coalition (IC) is able to carry out its important work thanks to the generosity of its sponsors, grant givers and in-kind supporters. The IC generates revenue through unrestricted educational grants, sponsorships, provision of educational programs to HCPs, and by working with other health education entities. The sources of revenue include healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, SMEs, and in the past, Government funded bodies such as PHNs and PHUs.

Sponsors and grant givers have no influence on the editorial content of the Immunisation Coalition’s website, publications, or activities, with full control ensured through its Scientific Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.

Sponsors & Supporters

In Kind Supporters

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