2024 Influenza Webinar

The Immunisation Coalition’s annual update on Influenza vaccination is intended for GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists and other immunisation professionals.

Immunisation Coalition
Date: April 3, 2024: 18:00:00 - 19:00:00



Healthcare Professionals have an important role in prompting patients to consider the benefits of influenza vaccination.

This webinar will cover symptoms and complications (particularly for at-risk patients), epidemiology, NIP eligibility, recent pharmacy-specific reimbursement, vaccine options, efficacy and safety

This event is not accredited with the RACGP or ACRRM. A certificate of attendance will be issued.

Presenter: Angela Newbound

Angela Newbound is an Immunisation Education Consultant based in South Australia, and is a member of the Immunisation Coalition. She has been involved in immunisation program delivery in South Australia for over 20 years, originally as an immunisation provider and in program coordinator roles within the Divisions of General Practice, SA Health Immunisation Section, the Medicare Local Network and presently the Primary Health Network. Angela provides clinical advice, support and education to a wide range of immunisation providers across South Australia and contributes to the development of immunisation resources to assist providers with challenging aspects of the immunisation program.

Moderator: Dr Andrew Minton, PhD

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in medical education, medical information, and pharmaceutical industry expertise across various disease areas. His background uniquely positions him to contribute significantly to the Immunisation Coalition. In his role, Andrew is responsible for developing both accredited and non-accredited infectious disease education programs for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

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