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Guidance for Developing a Sustainable Multistakeholder Immunization Coalition


Guidance for Developing a Sustainable Multistakeholder Coalition was created based on insights from immunization coalition experts and analysis of notable immunization coalitions. It is written to help public health leaders and organizations learn about immunization coalitions and provide guidance on tangible actions they can take to create coalitions in their own countries.


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Comparison of influenza surveillance systems in Australia, China, Malaysia and expert recommendations for influenza control

The Western Pacific Region (WPR) is exposed each year to seasonal influenza and is often the source of new influenza virus variants and novel pathogen emergence. National influenza surveillance systems play a critical role in detecting emerging viruses, monitoring influenza epidemics, improving public disease awareness and promoting pandemic preparedness, but vary widely across WPR countries. The aim of this study is to improve existing influenza surveillance systems by systematically comparing selected WPR influenza surveillance systems.

Published September 2021 in  BMC Public Health. Click here to download.

Page Published: 28 July 2023 | Page Updated: 2 August 2023