Media Release Meningococcal B

Meningococcal B vaccination should be freely available in all states in Australia

Meningococcal B disease is a terrible infection that can produce both death and disability. It comes on so rapidly that GPs and hospital doctors have little time to recognise it before it becomes severe. Even though most GPs will see only 1 or 2 cases in their career, Meningococcal B is the ideal disease to prevent through vaccination.

The Immunisation Coalition applauds the introduction of routine Meningococcal B vaccination by both the Queensland and South Australian Governments, a development for which we have advocated for more than 10 years. We now encourage all states to follow both the Queensland and South Australian governments by making the Meningococcal B vaccine freely available.

Australians should be aware there is a choice of two Meningococcal vaccines and to speak with their GP on what’s best for them.

Dr Rodney Pearce, Chairman of the Immunisation Coalition said, “ the routine vaccination of children and teenagers against Meningococcal B can prevent both death and severe disability”.

Page Published: 28 December 2023 | Page Updated: 25 March 2024