2024 Annual Immunisation Forum

The Annual Immunisation Forum is a one day event that gives healthcare professionals a greater understanding of immunisation and vaccine preventable diseases

Immunisation Coalition
Date: June 14, 2024: 08:15:00 - 16:30:00


The 8th Annual Immunisation Forum (AIF) hybrid event will take place at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane on June 14, 2024, immediately following the PHAA’s Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference (CDIC). Online attendance is unlimited.

The meeting is ideal for GPs, practice nurses, specialists, pharmacists and other immunisation specialists. The program is not yet finalised but will cover topics like a look into aged care, new vaccines for the elderly, adjuvanted vaccines, vaccinations in primary care and pharmacy, managing vaccine hesitancy, targeting at-risk populations, first nations people, etc.

Please note: the timing of the program listed is in AEST.

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Session 1 - Advances in vaccine technology

Speaker: Prof Robert Booy

Robert Booy is honorary Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Sydney. From 2005 to 2019 he held Senior roles at NCIRS. He is a medical graduate of the University of Queensland (1984), trained in paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and has held a range of positions in the UK. Professor Booy’s research interests extend from understanding the genetic basis of susceptibility to, and severity of, infectious diseases, especially influenza, RSV and invasive disease caused by encapsulated organisms; the clinical, public health and social burden of these diseases; and means by which to prevent or control serious infections through vaccines, drugs and non-pharmaceutical measures. Over the past 20 years, Professor Booy has been increasingly recognised as an expert in the respiratory virus field, supervising many studies addressing the burden and prevention of influenza disease in children and adults in the UK, Australia and among Muslim pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. In addition he has led intervention studies with new vaccines, new vaccine delivery methods and alternate methods for preventing disease and transmission such as antivirals and personal protective equipment. Professor Robert Booy is a Director at the Immunisation Coalition.

Prof Robert Booy

Speaker: Prof Paul van Buynder

Prof Paul Van Buynder is a Public Health Physician and past Chairman of the Immunisation Coalition. He is a professor in the School of Medicine at Griffith University in Queensland. He has held senior public health positions in a number of Australian states, in two Canadian jurisdictions and at the Centre for Infections in the UK. He has held personal appointments on sub-committees of National Immunisation Technical Advisory Committees in three continents. Paul is a reviewer of over 10 journals and has over 60 referred book chapters and articles.

Prof Paul van Buynder

Speaker: Dr Cristyn Davies

Speaker: Prof Paul Griffin

An Infectious Diseases Physician and Microbiologist, Dr Paul Griffin was appointed as the Director of Infectious Diseases at Mater Health Services in 2013. In addition, Dr Griffin continues appointments as Principal Investigator at Q-Pharm, as Visiting Scientist/Honorary Research Fellow at Mater Medical Research Institute and Queensland Institute of Medical Research, and also as Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland.

Dr Paul Griffin’s primary research interests include clinical trials in the field of infectious diseases particularly malaria human challenge and transmission blocking studies, as well as the detection of antibiotic resistance particularly VRE by mass spectrometry in the clinical microbiology laboratory.

Prof Paul Griffin

Session 2 - Strategies and tactics to increase vaccination rates

Speaker: A/Prof John Litt AM

Associate Professor John Litt is a retired academic GP and public health physician in the Discipline of General Practice at Flinders University and was the Deputy Chairman of the National Quality Committee of the RACGP (from 2000-2018). His major clinical and research interests are in prevention and its implementation. John has over 130 refereed publications (journal articles, book and book chapters). He conducted the first Australian National Influenza and Pneumococcal Survey in older adults in 1998 and the first Australian Zoster Attitudes and Beliefs Survey in older persons and GPs in 2009.  More recently he has helped to develop an online COVID Risk Calculator (CoRiCal), which assists the patient decision-making process for COVID vaccination. John has been a member of several national committees, consortia, and Scientific Advisory Committees including NHMRC, ATAGI, Cancer Australia and NCIRS. He was one of the inaugural directors of the ISG and is currently a member of the Immunisation Coalition’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

A/Prof John Litt AM

Speaker: Dr Sarah Chu

Dr Sarah Chu graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and has a Certificate in Travel Health; she enjoyed providing travel medicine services at The Travel Doctor TMVC Brisbane before COVID-19 and is an accredited Yellow Fever doctor. In addition to being awarded a Fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, she is a Fellow of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine, Fellow of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine (Faculty of Travel Medicine), Associate Member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow; Dr Chu also holds a Diploma in Dermatology from the Australian Institute of Dermatology, and a Diploma in Child Health from Westmead Children’s Hospital and the University of Sydney. She enjoys practising yoga and is a registered level 1 yoga teacher with Yoga Australia. Dr Chu recently completed Physician Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. She is a Senior Lecturer for the University of Queensland and enjoys teaching the next generation of doctors-in-training.

Dr Sarah Chu

Speaker: Prof Michael Murray AM

As the Divisional Medical Director of Continued Care, Head of Geriatric Medicine and Medical Lead of Patient Flow at Austin Health, Associate Professor Michael Murray AM brings extensive experience in the health, education and the aged care industry. 

With nearly 30 years involvement in geriatric care, Michael’s career highlights include extensive work in continence, public health and public policy, as well as working in education and service development. In 2019 Michael was appointed as the interim Chief Clinical Advisor to the first Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner.  Michael holds several board and committee positions with a variety of health and educational institutions Michael has been the National Chairperson of the Continence Foundation of Australia for several years, prior to which he was the Victorian State President. Michael is the president of the National Ageing Research Institute. Michael was recently appointed as the Geriatrician Lead to the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre (VACRC) for Covid-19.

Prof Michael Murray AM

Speaker: Kristy Crooks

Session 3 - Strategies and tactics to increase vaccination rates (Part 2)

Speaker: Dr Jessica Kaufman

Dr Jessica Kaufman is a Research Fellow in the Vaccine Uptake group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Her current research focuses on interventions and policies to increase acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines and improve routine vaccine uptake in pregnant women, children with neurodevelopmental disorders, and people of refugee background. She is also involved in mapping and designing measurement instruments to diagnose the reasons for under-vaccination. Jessica is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, a member of the steering committee for the Collaboration on Social Science in Immunisation (COSSI) network, and an editor with the Cochrane Consumers and Communication review group.

Dr Jessica Kaufman

Speaker: Dr Hazel Clothier

Hazel is Lead Epidemiologist, Child Health Informatics and Surveillance Manager, Vaccine Signal Detection & Investigation at SAEFVIC, Victoria’s Vaccine Safety Service. Her doctoral work on optimizing spontaneous vaccine safety surveillance has had immediate relevance and continued impact since the global Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 crisis brought calls for development and release of vaccines at “pandemic speed”, further highlighting the need for robust and timely vaccine safety surveillance.

She continues to lead in this field of research with expertise in vaccinology, surveillance and signal detection. Hazel is also experienced in public health and infectious diseases more broadly with a strong background in emerging infectious diseases, outbreak management and infectious disease surveillance system design and evaluation.

Dr Hazel Clothier

Speaker: Dr Kasia Bolsewicz

Kasia Bolsewicz, PhD, MPH, is a social science research fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), where she conducts local and national studies with various immunisation stakeholders (including healthcare providers, communities, immunisation coordinators and policymakers) to understand reasons behind vaccination acceptance and uptake and to propose relevant strategies to address the underlying barriers. She also coordinates group processes during which immunisation stakeholders share information and workshop solutions, and designs and conducts program evaluations. Before joining NCIRS in 2019, Kasia was working with four local health districts in NSW using the World Health Organization’s Tailoring Immunization Programmes to identify areas of low childhood vaccine coverage and to gain a greater understanding of factors that influence childhood immunisation.

Session 4 - Vaccination in pregnancy and tools to help drive vaccination

Speaker: Prof Peter Richmond

Professor Peter Richmond is a Consultant Paediatric Immunologist and Paediatrician at Perth Children’s Hospital, and is Head of the Immunology Department at the Child and Adolescent Health Service in WA. He also heads the Vaccine Trials Group within the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Telethon Kids Institute, and is Head of the Discipline of Paediatrics at the UWA Medical School. His major research interests are in the prevention of meningitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections and otitis media. He has authored over 300 scientific publications in these areas and has worked in vaccine research for over 25 years.

Prof Peter Richmond

Speaker: Dr Lisa Beecham

Dr Lisa Beecham spent 5 years working at Royal Children’s Hospital as a Registrar and witnessed the devastating effects of infections that vaccines can protect against. This has led to a lifelong interest in promoting, communicating and using systems to ensure immunisations are given to all who need them. She is Chair of GCPHN ( Gold Coast Primary Health network who first developed the data tool Primary Sense) and the National Clinical Advisory group for Primary Sense ( Data and population tool)  and the RACGP representative on the Qld Immunisation Partnership group.

Dr Lisa Beecham

Speaker: Jennifer Herz

Summary and Closing Comments

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