Uniting Against Respiratory Diseases in the Asia-Pacific Region: Highlights from the APACI Conference 2023

The APACI 2023 Conference in Singapore marked a critical milestone in the global fight against respiratory diseases, emphasizing collaboration and innovative approaches to pandemic preparedness.

Immunisation Coalition

The APACI Respiratory Disease Conference 2023, a collaborative endeavor between the Immunisation Coalition and APACI, recently concluded on 2nd November 2023 in Singapore. This event marked a milestone in our joint efforts to combat respiratory diseases in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s theme, ‘Influenza Pandemic Preparedness as a Model for Other Respiratory Infections,’ set the stage for the hybrid event attended by over 100 in-person and 300 online participants. The conference featured four insightful sessions that highlighted the dynamic nature of respiratory disease management and underscored the necessity of global collaboration.

Key highlights of the conference included in-depth discussions on influenza, the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, advancements in vaccines for the elderly, and treatments for severe respiratory diseases such as antivirals and monoclonal antibodies. Experts from healthcare, research, and policy sectors shared their valuable insights, emphasizing the need for a unified approach to tackling these global health issues.

Kim Sampson, holding the dual positions of Executive Director of APACI and CEO of the Immunisation Coalition, played a key role in facilitating the event’s success. The conference also benefited significantly from the presence of Rod Pearce, Chairman of the Immunisation Coalition, who skillfully managed the Q&A component, adding a layer of depth to the discussions.

Special recognition goes to IC staff members Marianne O’Reilly and Anastasiia Barron, who collaborated closely with Kim Sampson in the planning and organization of the conference. Tessa Sampson also played a crucial role, providing essential support on the day of the event. Our team’s collective dedication and hard work was instrumental in orchestrating this impactful event.
Through the Immunisation Coalition’s collaboration with groups such as APACI, we are optimistic in our ability to create a significant impact in combating infectious diseases in the Asia-Pacific region. Our dedication lies in strengthening our international partnerships, driving us towards a collective goal of enhanced global health and wellbeing through immunisation. We look forward to supporting and participating in more conferences within the Asia-Pacific region in the future.


Click here to read the conference newsletter, which contains a summary of each presentation and a link to the recording.


Page Published: 18 December 2023 | Page Updated: 11 January 2024