2020 Shingles Webinar

Latest information for diagnosis; early management; advise for patients about the importance and safety of vaccination; and contraindications of zoster vaccine in immunocompromised individuals

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2020 Shingles Webinar

Held on:              Wednesday, 11th November 2020

Presented by:  Angela Newbound and Genni Brown

About the Webinar

The 2020 Shingles Webinar provides useful information about clinical features of the disease, as well as information on transmission, complications, and vaccination recommendations.

You can play an active role in protecting thousands of older Australians who are at risk of shingles complications.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the cause and features of Shingles
  • Transmission
  • Complications
  • Prevention.

Get the latest information to ADVISE PATIENTS about the importance and safety of vaccination, DIAGNOSIS and early MANAGEMENT as well as contraindications of zoster vaccine in IMMUNOCOMPROMISED individuals.

About the hosts

Angela Newbound is an Immunisation Education Consultant based in South Australia, and a member of the Immunisation Coalition. She has been involved in immunisation program delivery in South Australia for 20 years, originally as an immunisation provider and in program coordinator roles within the Divisions of General Practice, SA Health Immunisation Section, the Medicare Local Network and presently the Primary Health Network. Angela provides clinical advice, support and education to a wide range of immunisation providers across South Australia and contributes to the development of immunisation resources to assist providers with challenging aspects of the immunisation program.




Genni Brown has spent 38 years practicing as a registered nurse, midwife and child & family health nurse.  She is a certified lactation consultant and an immunisation nurse practitioner. Genni’s specialist areas include women’s, children’s, and family health and she is passionate about supporting families to make informed choices in regard to their health and wellbeing.  Genni is an Immunisation Coalition Member.

Download a PDF of the webinar slides here

Access the Shingles Guide for Healthcare Professionals here

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