2016 Statistics

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Influenza Activity Surveillance

Surveillance of Influenza activity in Australia.

The reports provides a summary of surveillance data collected from around Australia. Regional reporting in some areas ceases when flu activity is low (out of season). Please note that the vast majority of people do not get tested for influenza and that there may also be some delays in reporting confirmed influenza cases.


Therefore data presented here maybe underestimating influenza activity.


Australian Data from the

Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing

There have been a total of 90,837 laboratory confirmed notifications of Influenza in Australia. Last update from 9th February 2017.


For more national data:

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

Australian Influenza Surveillance Report



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Governance of the Immunisation Coalition

Through its Board of Directors, the Immunisation Coalition is able to ensure full control over its activities and published materials. Sub committees have also been established to provide additional support.

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